Valid Plastic was established in 1987 and since then it operates in various sector: injection-moulding of thermoplastic details, electro-mechanical assembly, preparing kits and packaging. The factory is located in Strangolagalli (FR) via Colle Prato, 5 in a well served logistically area not far from Ceprano motorway exit (5 Km) and from the SS Casilina main road(3 Km).

The factory, covering an area of 1.000 square meters, extends on two levels in where production departments( moulding and automated assembly) and technical service (storage,tooling and offices )are located.

Production, carried out on customer design, is intended for all kinds of industries, in particular the automotive and electro-mechanical one. With sales exceeding €6 million and 33 employees, Valid Plastic is one of the main qualified suppliers of ABB , the multinational group active in Frosinone where low voltage switches are produced. Other ABB factories located in Bulgaria, China and Egypt are less supplied.

The high level of quality and service provided by Valid Plastic have confirmed, over time, the customer loyalty. All this has been possible partly due to the ISO 9001-Certification-Quality Management Systems achieved in 2001 and SA8000-Certification-Social Accountability achieved in 2011 which is issued by CISE- CSQA.

Always attentive to social issues and sustainable development, Valid Plastic board has decided in 2010 to honour this commitment though the implementation of the Social Responsibility Management System, in accordance with SA8000 standard. This standard demonstrates that Valid Plastic board is attentive to social issues and rights of the parties involved. Transparency at all stages of production and observance of the SA8000 requirements are and always will be at the basis of the Valid Plastic future development.

Valid Plastic commitment to ethics took specific shape when the Code of Ethics,which is the basic document for the Company, was being drafted. Ethics principles it contains are equally applicable throughout the staff and concern the rules of conduct of those working for the Company. The Code of Ethics aims to define, principles, values and attitudes which should govern daily the performance of the Company business.

The model followed by Valid Plastic Srl is based on continuous research of simplifying the process aimed at eliminating waste and able to guarantee an ongoing level of efficiency and service. The so-called “Just in time” approach is meant as a product manufactured at the present time wherein product purchasing, processing and selling are reduced to one day. Stocks of semi-finished or finished goods are considered, in accordance with this philosophy, as a waste of financial or economic resources as well as a constraint to an ongoing innovation. 

Always attentive to continuous improvement of productive resources and workplace organisation, Valid Plastic follows the “5S” philosophy and the Kanban system. These technics allows to have a careful workplace organisation and a relevant reduction of waste by promoting relationship with the customer and enhancing his satisfaction from a qualitative viewpoint.

Thanks to this methodology, VALID PLASTIC has created an environment of high quality both in the design and reliability of the plants as well as the high professionalism of all employees at every level of the company pyramid.

All workers have a high flexibility of labor able to adapt to the variable rhythms imposed by the system. Just In Time's philosophy goes hand in hand with the “5S” rule, which corresponds for Valid Plastic in concrete steps in defining the whole Company organization, for the elimination of waste and for reducing production stops. This will help optimize space, order and cleanliness of the company's tools so that they are better
utilized by the workers.