Valid Plastic boasts a careful section for equipment construction and maintenance which are earmarked for the exclusive use by stamping rooms. 

Meticulous design strategies and a careful working method shall be adopted in order to make the construction of new molds more efficient, partly thanks to technical and professional staff. 

The prop room is equipped with the following machinery:

1.Wire EDM Machine- AGIE Cut evolution

2.Vertical Machining Centre- FAMUP MCX 700

3.Vertical Die-Sinking Machine- ONA NX3

4.Micro-hole drilling machine- FULMINEA 2008

5.Parallel Lathe machine- LUMAC TP250 4043 20026

6.Milling machine- HASS TM-1

7.Grinding Machine-JONES SHIPMAN - 540 BO73981

8.Welder- TIG

1 CAD-CAM 3G station