The International standard SA8000, processed by Social Accountability International, has been revised by SAI Organism. Valid Plastic also updated its management system of Certification SA8000:2014, valid until 2020.

Within the report's findings about the renewal of the Certification SA8000, in adjustment with the 2014 edition of the June 16, 2017 Audit Group, CISE's Staff and the Supervisor Mercinelli Vincenzo report the following words:

“In these years of great economic crisis, Valid Plastic has faced significant difficulties to respond to the constant pressures from ABB SACE, its main client. Due to market requirements and Board guidelines, the Multinational requires of its suppliers higher quality levels, lower levels concerning faulty products, faster commission lead time as well as a service cost reduction that decreases from year to year. 

With the cooperation of its trade unionists, workers and management, Valid Plastic was able to meet these great difficulties reorganising its production cycle, investing on new machinery and increasing the effectiveness of its monitoring and control system SA8000. All oh this has led to achieve financial equilibrium, to gain significant recognitions from customers and to respect what is laid down in the standard SA8000.

As regards issues of “Health ans Safety” and “Working time and remuneration”, two of the most crucial issues in holdings, Audit Group and CISE's Staff state what follow: “In recent years the Company's forward steps to ensuring the monitoring of its own SSL system were significant. Evidence of that is the decrease of this lack recorded in RAC or in the remarks found during recent Audit. 
Although the number of injuries to workers is not so critical, the compliance with all requirements needs constant effort in actively monitoring and control activities in order to keep the attention on the aspects of injuries and accidents prevention inside the Company and among the three subcontractors".

Concerning “Working Time and Remuneration” aspect, Audit Group and CISE's Staff claim: “The Board shows a follow-up action for both requirements with respect for pollution levels, workers' tasks and alignment of the frequency of the salary. Work contracts are always in conformity with current legislation”.