The injection moulding department shall be accompanied by 16 newly acquired presses with a high level of automation and control, also due to computer systems enabling close monitoring at each stage of production:

A. Presses - Production department

1. Toyo 230t

2. Sandretto S8 130t

3. Demag 80t

4. Sandretto S9 100t

5. Sandretto S7 60t

6. Sandretto S7 60t

7. Sandretto S9 75t

8. Sandretto S8 85t

9. Battenfeld 60t

10. Arburg 25t

11. Sandretto Micro 30t

12. Sandretto Micro 40t

13. Toyo SI-50-6

14. Sandretto S9 230t

15. Toyo SI-130-6

16. Babyplast 6T

As a result of high technology, the staff has complete quality control over the production flow which is different for each single product.

Presses are accompanied by ovens and dehumidifiers to ensure the appropriate material strength, thus avoiding aesthetic defects.

B. Drying and dehumidifying department (all dehumidifiers shall be monitored through “Piovan” system that stores process temperatures).

1. Piovan –DP615-Batteria di deumidificazione

2. Piovan – DP615-Batteria Tramoggia 2

3. Piovan – DP615-Batteria Tramoggia 3

4. Piovan – DP615- Batteria Tramoggia 4

5. Piovan – TDM605ME

6. Piovan – Dryer TDM503

7. Piovan – TDM503

8. Dipre –DM100

9. NORD- CD9

10. Piovan- DS507

11. New Omap –D3-TR150

12. New Omap- DH-250

13. Piovan – G33

14. N°7 mini-dehumidifiers hopper dryer

Thanks to his staff, Valid Plastic is able to carry out the following activities and manufacturing operations:

- plastics moulding 

- construction of moulds for plastics 

- designing of moulds for plastics 

- construction of injection-moulds for small and medium-sized thermoplastics. 

- Every officer has been trained to carry out co-moulding works of thermoplastic resins on various inserts. 

- moulded details shall be selected and checked internally by specialised staff. 

Plastic materials mainly used are: