The milestone. The manufacturing company is a leader in thermoplastic molding and electromechanical assembly. Many accolades over time for the Valeri family. Among the strengths is the intense collaboration between employees and employers.

The time span "1987 – 2022" does not simply indicate the time passed, although significant. For Valid Plastic, the company in Strangolagalli, a reference in thermoplastic molding and electromechanical assembly, brilliantly led by Renato Valeri, 35 years represent not just a temporal span, but significant achievements, realized ambitions and dreams, the constant pursuit of ethical and professional values. In one word, excellence. Always among the major suppliers for ABB, Valid Plastic was awarded in 2017 - by the world-leading electrification company itself - as the best supplier in the "Plastics" category, receiving international recognition at the Global Supplier Day in Rome. A consecration that for the Valeri family certainly did not mean a final destination, but rather an even greater stimulus to achieve new goals. In fact, in 2018, there were more great satisfactions: Engineer Manuel, Renato's eldest son, after creating a specific software enabling continuous information exchange among the company's strategic suppliers, allowing constant monitoring of product deadlines and reducing lead times, was celebrated by the newspaper "La Repubblica" in the special "Excellent Companies" section, literally placing Valid Plastic at the center of the Industry 4.0 revolution; and thanks to the features of the software, Valid Plastic was awarded - by ABB - the prestigious "Knowledge Sharing" prize at the 2018 Innovation Day in Bergamo. An award that is emotionally moving, according to Microsoft executives who inspected the company in 2018: "Every time we come into contact with a productive reality like yours, we confirm firsthand how Italian excellence stands out from other countries for Quality, dynamism, and continuous innovation in business." Others, like the Quality Manager Italy of ABB, at the end of the recognition as an integrated supplier, obtained only following a standardization of Quality processes, express in their conclusions: "Valid Plastic is increasingly a reference and a positive benchmark for us to evaluate ourselves and other suppliers." The same "Sole 24 Ore", the main Italian economic-financial newspaper, in the Aziende & Territorio section, includes Valid Plastic as a cutting-edge company capable of offering products and services with quality standards rarely found on a global scale, recognizing its strengths as family management, work ethics, constant training, and considering human value as a primary aspect to always prioritize and protect. And exactly so: for Denice, Manuel, and Renato Valeri, despite the great results achieved, the well-deserved celebrations, and the many challenges overcome, after 35 years, the workers are still and always the true protagonists of the company's results at all levels, to the point of achieving the Certification for Social Responsibility in 2011 (SA8000:2014).