A network of business knowledge and traditions has been featured for over thirty years by Valid Plastic S.r.l., a leading company in Italian thermoplastic molding. “That humble and composite figure, which accompanies daily his family and his tireless collaborators, with whom he shares the meticulous and strict mechanical preparation”.

Defining Mr. Renato Valeri, the sole administrator, is a small thing since it represents a substantial part of the wealth of the social and industrial consortium as well as the lighthouse and the foresight.
An entire country devoting sweat and courage to improving and safeguarding the dignity of a job that
poses continuous challenges and risks; one of the few diamonds in a territory battered by a long
economic crisis.

A modern business approach, susceptible to technological innovations that are geared to the quality surplus of the already highly valued production.
Cleanliness, hospitality, and perhaps a curious spatial dislocation that makes even more the idea of the strength and the will used to reach the desired Empyrean. Ad Maiora!

Daniele Camerlengo